O Entertainment is taking the entertainment industry by storm. Fresh new concepts and strategies are proving to create fabulous events, productions and corporate entertainment. This bespoke entertainment supplier is by far an outstanding source for all those in need of something a little different for their events and functions. O Entertainment is familiar in the art of weddings, cabaret shows, live theatre, functions and corporate events including parades and live shows always leaving a fantastic impression in their wake.
With 25 years of global experience in the entertainment industry, Olivia Ostaszewskyj is the founder of O Entertainment. Formerly the Entertainment Director for Sydney Showboats, Magistic Cruises and Stealth Cruises, Olivia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tailoring events and creating outstanding entertainment solutions. Working closely with national and international brands and identities Olivia and her team are more than qualified to take you on an explosive entertainment journey. With a marketing background, and a professional career in dance and modelling, Olivia has come back to Perth with all guns blazing, creative cap blaring and an eagerness to create with an intent to surpass her clients expectations globally.